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Graduates with the relevant technical prowess to match the demands of the wider economy, including digital, management, and people skills are key to the transition towards net zero and a successful ‘green economy’.

The government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution sets out a broad vision for the priority sector transitions needed to achieve net-zero emissions. We take great pride in educating the future workforce about the path to net-zero as part of BNU’s mission to provide modern and relevant skills-based courses that empower our graduates to impact positively on the wider world.

Three industries have the most immediate and pressing targets to decarbonise the economy: home efficiency; automotive and electric vehicles; and clean power. BNU courses are designed to meet industry needs and ensure that our graduates’ skills make them work-ready to hit the ground running in supporting businesses with meeting the government’s decarbonisation targets. Multidisciplinary courses offered at BNU provide students with a sound understanding of project management, digital proficiency, design and environment sustainability, and supply chain management, all of which equip our graduates to play a successful role on the pathway to a greener economy.

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West London Green Skills Hub