West London Green Skills Hub


The West London Green Skills Hub has set up three key groups to support our work.

Employer Advisory Board

The Employer Advisory Board meets quarterly online and brings together green skills employers and West London’s training partners. Meetings are chaired by an employer and focus on strengthening relationships, improving collaboration and providing employer insight and advice on West London’s green skills training needs. More employers are always welcome to join. 

Training Provider Group

The Training Provider Group meets bi-monthly, online and brings together a wide range of FE and HE colleges and Independent Training Providers (ITPs). The focus of meetings is on wide range of issues including curriculum development, collaborative funding bids and ad hoc projects.

Hub Partners Group

The Hub Partners Group meets quarterly, online and brings together people with an interest in green skills training and jobs from local authorities, charities, sector bodies, jobcentres, job brokerages and elsewhere. Meetings provide a revolving door of expert speakers, opportunities to share best practice, a platform to promote participants’ activities or for them to seek help and contacts.

West London Green Skills Hub
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West London Green Skills Hub